May 12, 2021

Anterior Loop Connector Fixed Partial Denture: A Simple Solution to a Complex Prosthodontic Dilemma

 Dr. Jyoti Verma, Dr. R Srinivasa Rao, Dr. Roma Goswami, Dr. Pratiksha A Srivastava
 Glob Acad J Dent Oral Health; 2021, 3(3): 25-28
 DOI : 10.36348/gajdoh.2021.v03i03.001

May 16, 2021

“Fixed Orthodontic Mechanotherapy for Correction of Generalized Spacing and Severe Proclination of Anterior Teeth” – A Case Report

 Dr. Bhushan Jawale, Dr. Lishoy Rodrigues, Dr. Anand Ambekar, Dr. Anup Belludi, Dr. Pushkar Gawande, Dr. Rohan Hattarki
 Glob Acad J Dent Oral Health; 2021, 3(3): 29-35
 DOI : 10.36348/gajdoh.2021.v03i03.002

May 23, 2021

“Adjunctive Orthodontic Treatment in an Adult Patient with Mutilated Dentition” – A Case Report On Multidisciplinary Orthodontics

 Dr. Bhushan Jawale, Dr. Lishoy Rodrigues, Dr. RK Suryavanshi, Dr Anup Belludi, Dr. Shrinivas Ashtekar, Dr. Anand Ambekar
 Glob Acad J Dent Oral Health; 2021, 3(3): 36-42
 DOI : 10.36348/gajdoh.2021.v03i03.003

June 6, 2021

“Correction of Severe Maxillary Prognathism and Facial Profile in a Mutilated Dentition case by Fixed Orthodontic Mechanotherapy” – A Case Report

 Dr. Bhushan Jawale, Dr. Lishoy Rodrigues, Dr. Vijay Naik, Dr. Sriniwas Basavreddy, Dr. Anand Ambekar, Dr. Shrinivas Ashtekar
 Glob Acad J Dent Oral Health; 2021, 3(3): 43-48
 DOI : 10.36348/gajdoh.2021.v03i03.004

June 6, 2021

“Correction of Mutilated Dentition with Multiple Missing 1st Permanent Molars by Adjunctive Fixed Orthodontic Mechanotherapy” – A Case Report

 Dr. Bhushan Jawale, Dr. Lishoy Rodrigues, Dr. Anup Belludi, Dr. Suresh Kangane, Dr. RK Suryavanshi, Dr. Pushkar Gawande
 Glob Acad J Dent Oral Health; 2021, 3(3): 49-54
 DOI : 10.36348/gajdoh.2021.v03i03.005

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Dr. Pulkit Khandelwal
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