July 16, 2022

Turn-Taking Mechanism in Ola Rotimi’s The Gods are not to Blame

 Samaila Yakubu, Habila Iranyang Jeremiah
 Glob Acad J Linguist Lit; 2022, 4(4): 72-80
 DOI : 10.36348/gajll.2022.v04i04.001

July 30, 2022

A Critical Stylistic Analysis of Transcultural Identity in Lyer’s The Global Soul (2001) Using the Tool of Negation

 Amna Shallal Ahmed, Nawal Fadhil Abbas
 Glob Acad J Linguist Lit; 2022, 4(4): 81-87
 DOI : 10.36348/gajll.2022.v04i04.002

Aug. 13, 2022

Strategic Analysis of University Social Responsibility Based on Balanced Scorecard (BSC) Method

 Akbar Mohammadi, Shahrooz Shariati
 Glob Acad J Linguist Lit; 2022, 4(4): 88-96
 DOI : 10.36348/gajll.2022.v04i04.003

Aug. 16, 2022

Intertextuality: Allusion, Convention and Transformation in The Oresteia and Mourning Becomes Electra

 Dickson N. Apene
 Glob Acad J Linguist Lit; 2022, 4(4): 97-104
 DOI : 10.36348/gajll.2022.v04i04.004

Aug. 16, 2022

A Deconstructive Analysis of William Shakespeares’ Hamlet

 Saman Yousef, Laraib Nawaz, Ayesha Naz, Ayesha Ejaz, Mehwish Rasheed, Summaya Khan, Hassan Bin Zubair
 Glob Acad J Linguist Lit; 2022, 4(4): 105-110
 DOI : 10.36348/gajll.2022.v04i04.005

Aug. 24, 2022

Use of Animation in Classrooms at Higher Learning Institutions: Student Perception

 Nalini Arumugam, Puspalata C Suppiah, Mohammad Radzi Manap, Julina Munchar
 Glob Acad J Linguist Lit; 2022, 4(4): 111-118
 DOI : 10.36348/gajll.2022.v04i04.006

Aug. 24, 2022

A Review of the Evaluation System of English Language Teaching (ELT) in Chinese Universities in the Context of COVID-19

 Huanan Su, Fengyi Ma
 Glob Acad J Linguist Lit; 2022, 4(4): 119-125
 DOI : 10.36348/gajll.2022.v04i04.007

Aug. 29, 2022

Application of Information Technology in the Flipped English Classroom in Huizhou Secondary Schools

 Lanlan Shi
 Glob Acad J Linguist Lit; 2022, 4(4): 126-132
 DOI : 10.36348/gajll.2022.v04i04.008

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